MTC Store

Delivery Information

1. 7-day cooling-off period

MTC Store provides a 7-day cooling-off period (not including holidays, starting from the day when the home delivery arrives).


We are here to remind you that:

(1).The cooling-off period is not a probation period. The product you return must maintain the integrity of the product itself, accessories, inner and outer packaging, accessories, gifts, guarantee, original packaging, and all accompanying documents or information. Do not miss any parts or damage the original packaging. If the returned product cannot be restored to its original state, it may affect the rights to return or bear part of the cost.

(2).The set of books must be returned as a whole, including accessories (including CD-ROMs, manuals, etc.) and gifts.

(3).Please pack the returned product  in the original carton used for delivery. Also, please return the receipt.

(4).The same parcel can only be applied once of product return (without delivery fee of returning).


2. Return method

If you do not return or exchange the product due to defective products, please be sure to complete the return and exchange procedures within 7-day cooling-off period. (Not including holidays, starting from the day when the home delivery arrives).

Please note: If you return the product for personal reasons rather than product defects, the product will only be returned and not replaced. If you want to buy other products, please place a new order.


l Return process

Step 1 

Please contact us through the customer service mail: and provide product information. We will arrange customer service personnel to contact you for processing.

(1).Return due to personal reasons:

Please contact us through the customer service mail, and provide the order number and the reason for the return in the email.


(2).Return or exchange due to defective goods:

If you find that the book is missing pages, flipped upside down, or damaged that affects reading, please contact us through the customer service mail. In the email, please provide the order number, the reason for the return, and the photo of the defective product (where the defect is). The customer service will judge the condition of the product and how to handle it based on the photos, and assist you in related matters.

For the replacement, if there is out of stock, we will refund the fee. If the returned product is inspected and found to be free of any defects, the consumer must pay the delivery fee for the returned product. In order to avoid your burden of excess costs, please contact customer service for inquiries first.


Step 2

Please return the product with the original box to the Mandarin Training Center of National Taiwan Normal University within 7 days after receiving the goods at the post office.

Returns must include book and merchandise invoices. Books must be in new condition (including, but not limited to, signatures, markings, etc.) and in full packaging (merchandise, accessory packaging, gift packaging, etc.), i.e. the inner packaging is intact and unopened).

Also, please keep the post office receipt of the delivery fee and take a photo to send back to the center at a later date.


Step 3

After returning the product, please send the photo of the post office delivery fee receipt to the customer service email , and attach a copy of your bank cover (only for yourself, including the post office bank name, branch, account number, account name) , so that MTC Store can process the refund of delivery fee.


Step 4

After MTC Store receives the returned product and confirms that the goods are correct, it will send an email to notify and start processing the refund. If it is a replacement, we will also send an email to notify when the new product is shipped.


3. Refund

After confirming that the returned product is correct, MTC Store will refund the payment according to the payment method you ordered. The process is as follows:


Credit card payment: After receiving the return, we will directly refund back to the credit card account you used to make payment, and will show this refund on your current or next credit card statement (depending on your bank).

Remittance Payment: Return to the original bank account.

Payment by convenient store: Refunded to your bank account.


Delivery fee for returns will be credited to your bank account.


4. International Shipping

For overseas orders, currently only defective returns can be applied online. If you apply for a product return out of your personal reasons, please send it back by yourself and the postage will not be refunded. If you want to make an exchange due to a defective product, please contact the customer service staff first (Please do not send the goods back by yourself, if you send it back by yourself, please bear the shipping cost by yourself).

5. Receipt

If you need to issue a tax ID number, please be sure to fill in the number when placing an order. If the product needs to be re-invoiced after receipt, please send the original receipt back to MTC Store with a return envelope and postage attached for our operation.