MTC Store


Common Questions

Ø   Why do I get no answer on the phone and no reply to my email?

The office hours of MTC store are 09:00~12:30 and 13:30~17:00 from Monday to Friday. There is a break at noon, and weekends and national holidays are also closed, so if you call us without office hours, your call will not be received. It also takes time for us to reply to emails, so please wait patiently for two to five working days (excluding the day and holidays). If you have not received a reply, it may be that the letter has been missed, or the system has not received the letter, please send another letter or call directly, thank you.


Ø   What are the delivery methods in MTC store?

Currently, there are only two methods of delivery, home delivery via post office and self-pickup at Mandarin Training Center.


Ø   What are payment methods in MTC store?

        If you buy on-site, you can choose to pay by cash or by card. There is 10% off when you pay cash, and the original price is the same as the website when

       you pay by credit card.

In MTC online store, you can pay by credit card or pay at the bank counter.

If you want to pay in convenience store, please select "Pay at Bank Counter" and also indicate the needs in the note column.

If you choose to pay by credit card, it needs to take 2~5 days for the payment to be confirmed, and then we can start the process of packaging and delivery.

If you choose to pay at the bank counter, you need to wait for the payment slip via email about 2~5 working days (excluding the day and holidays). If you do not receive any emails, please email or make a call to inquire whether the order is success.

And please return the payment receipt by email and inform us of your order number after payment, so that we can confirm the payment. If you do not return it, it will take about one week to half a month to confirm the payment. Therefore your order processing progress will be very slow.


Ø   If I don't know how to use the website, can I buy it on site?

You can buy books on Monday to Friday, 9:00~12:30 or 13:30~17:00, at Office 709, Mandarin Training Center, Bo-ai Building 7th floor, National Taiwan Normal University Heping Campus II.

There is 10% off when you pay cash, and the original price when you pay by card.


Ø   How is the shipping cost calculated? Is there any way for free shipping?

       Domestic orders:

If the total amount of your purchase is less than TWD5,000, the shipping fee will be TWD100.

If the total amount of your purchase is greater than or equal to TWD 5,000, your order is entitled to free shipping.


Overseas orders:

It will vary according to the delivery destination, the size and weight of the package. It will be calculated based on the Chunghwa Post website.


Ø   I live abroad, how do I order books?

      If you live abroad and need to order books, please fill out the form below so that we can process your order, and our staff will tell you whether it can be

      delivered to your country and the amount of overseas shipping.


Ø   Are there any other discounts for group purchases?

      There are discounts for group purchases. The discount is based on the total amount of the order. If the total amount reaches TWD2,000, the discount is as follows:

-      TWD2,000       ~     TWD9,999     , 10% off

-      TWD10,000     ~     TWD19,999   , 12% off

-      TWD20,000     ~     TWD49,999   , 15% off

-      TWD50,000     ~     TWD79,999   , 20% off

-      TWD80,000     ~     TWD119,999 , 25% off

-       30% off for orders over TWD120,000

(Note: Free shipping is only available for the order which is greater or equal to TWD5,000. An additional TWD100 shipping fee will be charged if the order is under TWD5,000.)

※The discount code needs to be entered by yourself.

Ø   Will there be a receipt for the purchase of books?

When we send the package, the receipt will be attached to it.

If you need tax ID number (aka GUI number, VAT number) on your receipt, please be sure to tell us when ordering. If the order needs to be re-invoiced after receipt, please send the original receipt back to the Mandarin Training Center with a return envelope and postage attached.


Ø   Can you provide a quotation?

If your department needs a quotation due to purchasing needs, please let us know by letter, and we can send quotation to you.

Contact us

Ø   I have already placed an order, can I add another items in this order?

If you need to buy additional products in the same order, please contact us by phone immediately. Before the package is sent out, we can immediately calculate the amount of additional goods for you, and repackage it after you pay, allowing you to calculate the discount or shipping fee in combination. However, if the package has already been shipped, your additional items must be created as a new order, so the discount and shipping fee will be recalculated.

Questions about Shipping

Ø   How long will it take to receive package after placing the order?

      After we get the order, we need to wait for the payment confirmation before we start picking books, packing and delivery, so it will take about 5~10 working

      days from the time you place the order to the delivery (excluding the day and holidays).

      The number of days required for delivery depends on the post office, and it usually takes about 1 to 3 days. Therefore, if you need it urgently, it is best to

      order in advance, or choose to pick up at our center.


Ø   I need these books urgently, is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

     Sorry, each order takes 5~10 working days (excluding the day and holidays), and will be processed according to the sequential order. We will ship the

     packages as soon as possible, but if it encounters the school season, it may also need more time.

     After we ship the books, when you can get the books depends on the post office, because sometimes the post office has a lot of packages, which may cause

     the delivery delay.

     Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Ø   I have placed an order for a long time, why is the order status still the same?

     When you place an order by credit card, it will display "Pending". After the payment is confirmed by us, the book will start to be picked and packed. At this

     time, the order status will display "Packing".

     If you choose to pay at bank counter or pay in convenience store, it will display "Payment is pending". After you reply to the letter with the payment receipt

     (photos or screenshots), we will start picking and packing the books. At this time, it will also display "Packing".

     Sometimes the status "Packing" will be delayed or the status will directly skip to the next one "Shipped". When we track the package through the post office

     item number and show that it has been successfully delivered, the order status will display "Complete".

     If you find that the order status shows "Complete", but you have not received the book, please go to the mail room or the guard room to confirm, if there is no

     news about the package, please contact us by phone or email.


Ø   I received a shipping notification, but why haven't I received the books?

     If the domestic buyer has not received the package for more than a week, please write email to us with your order number.

     It may be that your address is incorrect and the delivery is not possible, or your phone number may be incorrect and the post man cannot contact you.

     If you are an overseas buyer, you can estimate the arriving time according to the delivery days provided by the post office. And when we ship the package,

     we will also provide you with the parcel tracking number. You can use this number to check the current progress of the package on the post office website.


Ø   I accidentally fill in the wrong address, what should I do?

     If you find that you gave us incorrect address, please contact us by phone immediately. If the package has not been sent, we can immediately modify it for

     you, but if the package has been sent, we need to wait until the package is returned before sending it again, so you will be charged return fee and new

     shipping fee.

     It is recommended that you check carefully before sending out the order to make sure the address is correct.


Questions about Returns & Refunds

Ø   Can I cancel the order if I accidentally order the wrong books?

     If you find that you ordered the wrong book, please contact us by phone immediately. Before the package is sent, we can directly cancel the order for you

     and issue a refund, but if the package has been sent, you need to send it back to us after you receive it, then we can issue a refund to you.


Ø   Can I return the product if I am not satisfied with the books after ordering?

     If you return or exchange the product, but not due to defective products, please be sure to complete the return and exchange procedures within the statutory

     cooling-off period of seven days after receipt. (Excluding holidays, it will be counted from the day the delivery arrives).

     ※Note: If you return the product for personal reasons rather than product defects, the product will only be returned but not replaced.

                  If you want to buy other products, please place a new order.


Ø   Is there cooling-off period for purchasing the book?

A.     There is a 7-day cooling-off period for domestic orders.

       (Excluding holidays, it will be counted from the day the delivery arrived destination).

Please note that:

1.   The cooling-off period is not trial period. Except for defective products, the returned books must be in a new state (including but not limited to

      signed, marked, etc.) and complete packaging (the inner packaging of commodity, accessory packaging, gift packaging, etc. is complete, not

      disassembled). The returnee will be charged an additional refurbishment fee depending on the state of the recycled product. Please be sure to

      confirm the purchase demand before unpacking.

2.    The set of books must be returned as a whole, including accessories (e.g. CDs, manuals, etc.) and freebies.

3.     Be sure to return the products in the original box with the original receipt attached.

4.     During the cooling-off period, there is only one free shipping return is available. (unlimited number of pieces of products)

B.     There is no cooling-off period for overseas orders.

       Currently, only defective replacements can be applied. If you handle the return due to personal factors, the postage will not be refunded.

      ※Note: Please do not send the product back by yourself. If you send it back by yourself, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.


Ø   How does the return and replace process work?

       Step 1

        Please contact us through the customer service mailbox and provide information. We will arrange customer service personnel

        to contact you for processing.

A.     Those who apply for return for personal reasons:

       Please contact us through the customer service mailbox, and provide the order number and the reason for the return in the letter.

B.    Those who apply for return due to defective products:

       If you find that the book is missing pages, flipped upside down, or damaged that affects reading, please contact us through the customer service mailbox. In the letter, please provide the order number, the reason for the return, and the photo of the defective product (where the defect is). The customer service will judge the condition of the product and how to handle it based on the photos, and assist you in exchange and other related matters. For replacements, if there is no stock replacement, we will refund the money. If the returned product is inspected and found to be free of any defects, the customer must pay the logistics fee for the return of the product. In order to avoid your burden of excess costs, please contact customer service for inquiries first.


       Step 2

       Please follow the instructions of customer service staff and return the goods with the original box to the MTC of NTNU within 7 days of receiving the goods.


       Mandarin Training Center

       Bo-ai Building 7th Floor, No. 129, Section 1, Heping East Road, Da'an District, Taipei City


       The returned contents must include the books and the receipt. Books must be in a new state (including but not limited to signed, marked, etc.) and complete packaging (the inner packaging of commodity, accessory packaging, gift packaging, etc. is complete, not disassembled).

In addition, please keep the post office freight receipt and take a photo for it, so that the photos can be sent back to us later.


Step 3

After returning the goods, please send back the photo of the post office freight receipt through the customer service mailbox, and attach a copy of your post office passbook cover or bank account (limited to the original orderer, and the photo must include the information following: the post office bank name, branch, account number and account name). So that we can handle the procedures for refunds.


Step 4

After we receive the returned goods and confirm that the goods are correct, we will send a letter to notify you and start processing the refund. If it is a replacement, we will also send a letter to notify you when the new item is sent.


Ø   How does the refund process work?

After NTNU MTC confirms that the returned product is correct, we will refund the payment according to the payment method you used. The process is as follows:

Credit card: Upon receipt of the return products, we will credit the credit card account you used to make the payment directly, and the payment will appear

   on your current or next credit card statement (The time required varies by bank).

Remittance by bank counter: The payment will be back to the original bank account.

Pay in convenience store: The payment will return to your bank or post office account.



The shipping fee paid for return will be returned to your post office account or bank account.

The returnee will be charged an additional refurbishment fee depending on the state of the returned product. If so, the refund will be deducted first of the refurbishment fee.